Get Prepared for the Festive Season, With Excel Window Cleaning

Between the unceasing commercials on TV, enormous promotions from shops, and (less cynically) the general air of excitement, you might have noticed that the festive season is fast approaching! That’s right, the most wonderful time of the year is coming to Geelong and the Surfcoast!

We absolutely love the holiday season here at Excel Window Cleaning. Geelong and the Surfcoast are pleasant at any time of year, of course… but when December rolls around, they become even better! The atmosphere is transformed into one of anticipation and sheer fun.

From a working point of view, this is actually one of our busiest times of the entire year! That’s true for both our Residential and Commercial window cleaning offerings, as people across Geelong and the Surfcoast get ready for the holidays. We’re certainly not complaining, though. Not only does this allow us to tap into the air of excitement even more; we also take great pleasure and satisfaction in helping people prepare for the festivities.

The business owners amongst you will know exactly what we’re talking about, when we speak of this being a hectic time. Whatever line of work you’re in, we’re guessing you see a significant uptick in activity too right about now.

That’s particularly true for those of you who own businesses like cafes, restaurants and bars. People love to celebrate at this time of year, after all, and they need somewhere nice to do all of that celebrating! Commercial window cleaning – which we certainly provide here at Excel Window Cleaning – is the perfect way to ensure that you capitalize on this opportunity. Ordering a full session of window cleaning right now will ensure your business looks as attractive and inviting as possible at this crucial time. In turn, that will both encourage returning customers to keep coming back, and greatly increase your chances of drawing in new customers.

Residential window cleaning is certainly a focus for us right about now,  For homeowners up and down Geelong and the Surfcoast and beyond – this is also a very busy time of year. The holidays are a time for welcoming friends and family into your home, after all, and in those circumstances it’s only natural to want your home to look as nice as possible!

You can take care of the inside of your home, of course, but to get the outside looking spick and span, you’re going to require some professional help. Fortunately for you, Excel Window Cleaning are highly experienced in the field of residential window cleaning. In fact, we’ve been scrubbing people’s windows clean at this time of year for two decades now!

Whether you’re the owner of a business or a home here in the Geelong and Surfcoast area, this will still be one of the busiest times of your year. By preparing for it in advance, you can help to relieve some of the stress that comes with this hectic period. Taking care of your window cleaning nice and early is a perfect way to do this, and – at Excel Window Cleaning – we’re here to help. To get in touch with us now, just send an email to, or call 0431 939 814.


We Look forward to hearing from you!