Get Ready for Summer with Clean Glass Balconies

Many People from around Geelong and the Surfcoast choose glass walls or rails for their decks and balconies. These let you enjoy the best of being close to the Beach while protecting you — not to mention your outdoor furniture and home — from the elements. When they’re doing their job though, glass-walled balconies can really take a beating. After all, much of what they keep from getting on you is hitting them. That can mean anything from salt build-up to abrasions from blown sand or small stones.

 To take full advantage of your beautiful view and to properly maintain your glass balconies, regular cleanings are a must. Excel Window Cleaning can properly wash your glass rails, ensuring that salt and sand are thoroughly removed. We also have the tools and experience to keep glass from being abraded during the cleaning — an improper or hasty cleaning could rub salt or sand into the glass, or worse, create unsightly scratches. This doesn’t just impede the clarity of your view. Even minor abrasions also creates a rough surface that traps more salt and debris, meaning more cleaning and in the end, a shorter life for your glass.

Whether you want to make sure your home looks great so you can really enjoy the summer or you need to get your restaurant or business ready for peak tourist season, Excel Window Cleaning can help with professional cleaning services for glass balconies. We also offer professional pressure washing services to get every part of your property’s exterior clean and clear of salt, sand, and other debris. You likely pay a premium to live or work near the ocean—get the most out of your investment with High quality maintenance.
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