Maximize the Quality of Air You are Letting in Through Open Windows with Clean Screens!

Over time, screens collect buildup of salt, dust and other natural debris, all of which cause degrading and this can cause discoloration accumulation on window screens, if not cleaned and cared for properly,

It can drastically impact the flyscreens effectiveness and decrease their lifespan.

There are several ways we can clean your windows. It’s always best practice to begin by removing the screens from the windows before cleaning. If you have a number of screens to clean that vary in size we follow best practice and organize them accordingly so we know where to replace them once they are clean and ready to be put back.

If your window screens are full of cobwebs and insects it may be best to begin with using a lint roller and vacuum.

After the screen filth is removed it is then time to wash them. We always recommend hand washing never power washing. Screens are delicate and preserving their quality and lifespan is important. After the washing is completed we allow the screens to fully dry before reinstalling.

Excel window cleaning is committed to providing a great flyscreen cleaning experience. Our technicians are insured and professional who focus on cleaning your screens the right way.

Don’t delay, schedule your screen cleaning with Excel window cleaning today!

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