Window cleaning Myths

Window Cleaning Myths: Does Rain Make My Windows Dirty.

Myth 1 – Rain makes my windows dirty -

How many rainwater and window cleaning myths do you know and believe? Well, regardless of how many they are, we are here to tell you that rainwater doesn’t make your windows dirty. In fact, your window panels make your windows dirty.

Rainwater is actually good for your windows, maybe not on the wooden panels due to moisture absorption, but rainwater will clean your windows better than even some cleaners, and cleaning tool will. 

So many things happen when it rains. It will make dusty windows dirty because it washes down the dirt accumulated over time on the window panel. So to be clear, your windows will only look dirty when it rains, if it was dirty before it rains, otherwise, it will look cleaner, shinier, and clearer for longer.

Myth 2 - Is it good to clean my windows in the rain?
So many people are worried their windows will get damaged when cleaned in the rain, but that is not true. In fact, if you can endure the coolness of the rain, you should have your windows washed in the rain.
For those of you that believed the former, yes it was so because of the dirt in the atmosphere which was filled with soot, smoke, and a host of other dangerous substances that came down with the rain.
These days, the air is cleaner, homes are far away from industrial sites, and the so-called dirty rain is no more. So you can clean your windows before, during, or after the rain, it doesn’t matter. It will be clean and stay clean for long.

Myth 3 – If the rain doesn’t make my windows dirty, why are my clean windows in autumn and winter dirty when it rains?
Yes, you are right. However, it is not the rain that causes the windows to be dirty. During autumn and winter, dry wind blows dust that settles on the window frames and all over the parts of the windows. In areas when the wind levels are not heavy, you may not notice the tiny dust particles on the window except it is too much.
These dust particles stay on your windows until the day you either call for the professional or the rain falls.
So, when the rains come, it washes away the accumulated particles off the windows. If the rain hitting the windows is heavy and a large amount, you will see it actually washing away the dirt from the top to the bottom of the window.
However, if the rain is light, you will see unwashed dirt rolling down the windows making it feel like the rain is dirty.
For people that live by the water bodies, you are likely to see white residue after a light shower; this is due to salt precipitation carried from the sea atmosphere during a rain onto your windows and nothing more.
So rain actually keeps the air clean and rinses dust and dirt of all exterior surfaces, the more rain, the cleaner your windows and if the windows are cleaner, there will be nothing to create stains and patterns when it rains.
This is when you need the services of a professional windows cleaning team to remove all embedded dirt from the windows and frames.

Benefits of cleaning your windows
Whether your window view is into the wilderness or not, there is something spectacular and relaxing about staring at clean windows.
Regular cleaning makes it easier to clean in the future, unlike when dirt embedded in the sills and frames staining the windows when it rains.
Furthermore, not cleaning your windows for a long time make dirt and grime stick firmly to the window surface making it hard to remove and putting your windows at risk of breaking or cracking when too much pressure is applied during a cleaning process.