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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of your window cleaning service?

Great question. Because every property is different, the price we give us dependant on the size of your property, where your windows are positioned and the window cleaning services that you require. We provide you with a free custom quote that is designed to suit your needs

How often should my windows be cleaned?

Depending on where your home is located, this can vary as weather conditions or environmental factors can have an influence on this. Generally, we recommend having your windows cleaned every 3 months. Some homes may need to be done more frequently than this, others can wait longer. When we clean your windows, we will provide you with recommendations and you can also sign up for a maintenance plan to ensure your windows are always sparkling!

Do you clean both the inside and the outside of our windows?

Yes, we do both. In fact, we recommend that you have both cleaned to get the best results. Of course, it is very much up to you and your own preference.

Do you clean windows for commercial properties too?

Yes we do! We have been cleaning windows for commercial properties for over 18 years. Our equipment can reach up to 6 stories from the ground.

Do you offer any other services?

We do. Along with residential and commercial window cleaning,
we also provide:
⚫ Pressure Washing
⚫ House Washing
⚫ Solar Panel Cleaning
⚫ Screen Cleaning